My experience

These are all the places I've worked as a software engineer. I've included my responsibilities and the technologies I broadly used there.

Also included is the reason I left each position—I know sometimes employers can be apprehensive about employees looking to quit early, and I've had a relatively short stay at most of these jobs. I'm not interested in jumping around jobs often in order to maximize pay or whatever people say to do in this industry, and I want to be sure not to give that impression with my resume.

You'll notice that most of my professional experience has been with low-level backend tech, and if you're reading this you may know I'm looking for a web-focused role, preferably in full stack web development. I believe that the professional experience below has instilled good software engineering principles in me that can transfer to any type of role.

Education: Along with the below job experience, I graduated from Memorial University in 2019 with a Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Engineering, with a focus on software development.